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Responda às questões abaixo sem usar um dicionário.
Se não souber a resposta para alguma pergunta, deixe-a em branco.

1-What do you do?

A. I’m a doctor
B. Yes, I am
C. No, I’m a dentist
D. My work is a doctor
E. A doctor
2-How many bedrooms are there in your house?

A. There is 2
B. There are 1
C. There are 3
D. There isn’t 3
E. There is 10
3-What are the students doing now?

A. They working
B. They work
C. They are working
D. They working
E. They is working
4-Where does she work?

A. She work at a bank
B. She does work at a bank
C. She works at a bank
D. She work every day
E. She is working
5-How often do you travel abroad?

A. I never travel abroad
B. Sometimes I do
C. I travel often abroad
D. Yes, I travel
E. Yes, I’m travelling
6-Choose the correct statement to answer the following question: Did you play tennis yesterday?

A. Yes we do.
B. No, you didn’t
C. Yes we do
D. Yes, I did
E. No, I did
7-Complete the gaps in the following sentence, using: too, such or very. ( Home is _____ beautiful city but ______ hot for me. The people are ______ nice and friendly.)

A. very, too, such
B. too, very, such
C. such, very, too
D. such, too, very
E. too, such, very
8-Complete the sentence with a lot, many, much. (There are _______ people at the party but we were expecting ________more. However, _______of our friends didn’t have ________time to come.

A. Many, many, a lot, much
B. Much, many, many, a lot
C. Many, much, a lot, many
D. Much, many, a lot, many
E. Many, a lot, many, much
9-Use the past and past progressive in the sentence. ( I _________________ in Ohio when I ________ John for the first time.)

A. Was worked /met
B. Met / was working
C. Were met / was working
D. Was working / met
E. Was meeting / worked
10-Which of the following is correct?

A. Did you used to visit the zoo?
B. A teacher is a person which works in a school
C. If you would have a pet what would it be?
D. When I got home I had made lunch
E. It might rain tomorrow
11-Complete the following sentences with the prepositions:
about, at, in, on, with
What sports are you good _____ / What do you spend most of your money_____? / Who were you having dinner ______? / What kind of music are you interested _____ ? / What kind of things do you worry ______?

A. About, in, with, on, at.
B. At, on, with, in, about.
C. In, about, on, with, at
D. With, on, at, about, in
E. On, about, at, in, with
12-Find the mistake in the following sentences

A. Who does like chocolate?
B. They met while they were teaching together in Brazil.
C. He is by far the most intelligent boy in the class.
D. Why do you hate soccer so much?
E. I’ve known Olivia for two years.
13-Complete the sentences bellow, using will, going to or the present progressive.
1. “ it’s too hot in here” It is ok “ I _________ open the window for you” / 2. She is___________ john at eight today. / 3. He _________ to organize his schedule to be able to attend the course.

A. Is going, meeting, will
B. Meeting, will, is going
C. Is going, to meet, will be going to.
D. Will, meeting, is going
E. To be meeting, will be, to be going to
14-Choose the correct sentence

A. Has anyone ever tell you have beautiful eyes?
B. Do you mind have your picture taken?
C. Do you enjoy spend time with your friends?
D. Have you ever done anything wrong?
E. These computers are using all over the world.
15-Choose the correct sentences.

A. If I were you, I will never go there.
B. If I will study harder, I will pass the exam.
C. If She studies harder, she will pass the exam.
D. If they were here with us, things would be a lot better.
E. If you had called us, we would had help a lot more.
16-Choose the correct alternatives ( Two answers)

A. I’ve has some great experiences in my life.
B. You are coming to dinner tonight. Did you?
C. She had been there for so long when he comes in with the guests
D. All of our friends and relatives had been out celebrating the new millennium.
E. She has worked a lot last year.
17-Choose the sentence to report the following statement: “ Could I borrow some money from you?”

A. He added he wants to borrow some money
B. He asked me if he could borrow some money
C. He asked me if I had lent him some money
D. He asked me if I could lend him some money
E. He suggested me to lend him some money
18-Choose the correct alternatives (two answers)

A. Some friends and I have been deciding to explore the forest
B. I had finished the work by the time my boss comes in
C. I will never forget the first moon landing
D. I didn’t used to like spinach, but now I do.
E. I will like watching horror movies.
19-Choose the correct alternative

A. I’ve never owned a expensive car.
B. We expect that the rate of inflation rises sharply next year
C. What will you do with the money if you will win the lottery?
D. Did you ever considered immigration?
E. I’ve been to New York a few times.
20-Complete the following sentences with words: enough, far too much, none. ( 1. _______of my friends have ________ money. / 2. I have _______________time! I think I can volunteer for this job).

A. Far too much, none, enough
B. enough, none, far too much
C. none, enough, far too much
D. none of the answers above
E. A and B are correct
21-Choose the correct sentence:

A. My house, situated in the middle of the town, was built one hundred years ago.
B. Having finished her work, she left town and never comes back.
C. Having denied of his basic human rights, the politician is leaving the country.
D. The president have left things unsaid yesterday, when inquired on social issues.
E. He was dyslexic at school and never senses this could have be a problem.
22-Choose the incorrect question.

A. Do you think James could really be a success in the acting world?
B. I wish you were here to help us.
C. My son was obsessed with going bungee jumping
D. I loved their performance last night. It just took my breath away.
E. I not interested on modern art.
23-The passive voice of the following sentence should be: “They never gave me any chances”

A. I been never given any chances
B. I was never given any chances.
C. Chances were never gave to me.
D. I had never been given any chances
E. I was never being given any chances.
24-A driver’s license with a female photo and name. The owner of the purse ________________ a woman

A. Could be
B. Is
C. May be
D. Could have been
E. Ought to be
25-Before she _________________ in Moscow, she _______________ in Kiev

A. Had lived in..... lived
B. Lived..... lived
C. Lived..... had lived
D. Lived..... has lived
E. Has been living..... lived

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